Keeping it in the family…

For the second time this year Abbey 1592 has been delighted to welcome a family member into the lodge. In January 2023 Steven Cooke was initiated in an excellent ceremony in front of a packed house at Bury St edmunds.

Steve is the son-in law of Abbey Past Master W Bro David Barker who took the lead role in the ceremony. On the second occasion, on November 9th, Abbey Lodge’s current master, W Bro Kevin Keeble, was delighted to initiate his own son, Johnathan Keeble into the fraternity.

Abbey Lodge prides itself on its ritual and there are elements which may be unfamiliar to visitors so it was pleasing to have, as guests, the Masters from three other Group 3 lodges in the form of Kevin Purvis Worshipful Master of Royal St Edmund’s Lodge 1008, Trevor Manville Worshipful Master of Mildenhall Lodge 6292, and Adrian Baugh Worshipful Master of Solea Lodge 9498 together with members of Magna Carta Lodge 8017 and Abbot Baldwin lodge 8656. Unusually, we were also able to include some international flavour into the proceedings through visitors from Sierra Espuna Lodge 136 under the Grand Lodge of Spain.
The latest ceremony was conducted very well by Worshipful Master, his wardens and the rest of the officers with particular mention to James Utting, also Worshipful Master of Logistica Lodge (Camb), who conducted the candidate through the ceremony as Junior Deacon in exemplary fashion.
As usual for Abbey the Charge after Initiation was delivered by Nick Hayward to his usual extremely high standards. Nick is a Past Master of Abbey and is also Worshipful Master of The Morgan Lodge 9816 in the Province of Worcestershire so it was pleasing that several brethren from that lodge were also very welcome visitors.
Finally, Dr Berwyn Clarke, who is organist at Abbey, undertook his ritual debut on the floor by presenting the Charity charge in the NE corner which was well received.
Altogether a great night for the Keeble family and an excellent year for Abbey all round, we look forward to a successful 2024 and a continued introduction of new members into the Lodge.

Berwyn Clarke