Restoration of Cherished Pictures and Old Regalia.

We are thrilled to extend our deepest gratitude to the Royal St Edmunds Lodge for their incredibly generous donation that has played a pivotal role in the restoration of cherished pictures and framing of old regalia. Thanks to their support, these are now proudly displayed in the Blue Room.

The Royal St Edmunds Lodge has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to preserving our Masonic heritage, and their generous donation has significantly contributed to the enhancement of these cherished items. The restoration process involved meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each piece was handled with the utmost care and respect for its historical significance.

The Blue Room now stands as a testament to the dedication and generosity of the Royal St Edmunds Lodge. Visitors and members alike will have the opportunity to view the beautifully restored pictures and meticulously framed regalia, each piece narrating a unique chapter in our rich Masonic history.

This donation not only enriches the aesthetic appeal of the room, but also serves as a reminder of the collective commitment we share towards preserving our traditions and legacy for generations to come.

Once again, thank you to the Royal St Edmunds Lodge for their donation. We look forward to sharing the beauty and history of our newly restored pictures and regalia with all who visit the Blue Room.