The Power of a Volunteer

You may have noticed that the main temple has had some different furniture in there over the last few months. Over the summer break the pedestals were removed and replaced with another set, slightly smaller than the originals. The columns, candles and the WM’s chair were also all removed. 

The reason for this was that WBRo Nick Berry had kindly agreed to restore and refurbish all these items. 

First on the list were the candles and columns, which were all repaired and improved. The candle stands are now identifiable by a square, level and plumb rule for each Principal Office and now hold brand new candles. These are oil filled as before and instructions on how to fill etc are all now available on the top of the candle oil box in the temple storeroom for Lodge DC’s and Brethren. 

The WM’s chair was also repaired and recently the original pedestals have been returned with new veneered tops. We would kindly ask that a gavel block is used at all times on the pedestals to help prolong the life of the tops. 

All of these items are now back within the temple and we would like to express our sincere thanks to WBro Nick for his time and expertise that he kindly donated to the Hall Company in repairing and restoring all of these items. 

We also recently had all of our Health & Safety Policies reviewed and risk assessments rewritten with the help of WBro Murray Phillips, who has recently retired as a H&S Officer. Thank you to Murray for updating all of these and providing your time and expertise in doing this. 

A part of Ashlar House belongs to every member of the 6 Craft lodges who are permanent residents. If any member has some spare time and wishes to donate some of this in helping similar to above, please let us know. All help is gratefully received.