Suffolk Mobility Equipment (Loan) Scheme Phase 2 nearly complete

The Suffolk Provincial Almoner Team announced the forthcoming launch of the Mobility equipment Scheme at the Almoner Conference in October 2023. It will enable members and dependants to borrow on loan free of charge, basic mobility aid equipment that may not be easily available from the NHS or MCF. The range of equipment will include wheelchairs, walking frames, sit and stand movement trolleys etc. Since then Phase 1 (protocols and paperwork) has been completed, and the logistics are now being worked out.

Three storage sites have been secured at Lowestoft Masonic Hall (East), Creeting St Mary Junction off the A140 (Central), and Bury St Edmunds Masonic Hall (West). We are very grateful to the Directors of the Masonic Halls for their support.

Storage containers will be needed to hold the equipment whilst it is not in use and these have been supplied, refurbished and delivered by Paul Rackham and Neil Tweed with the assistance of the Suffolk Light Blues.

Jamie Gwatkin said “I am eternally grateful for the help from all the Brethren involved in this project. The storage containers are key to the role out and implementation of the Scheme”.

Once the last container is in place at Ashlar House we will be able to move onto the next phase. Phase 3 will be a ‘call for equipment’ to be used by the Scheme and Phase 4 will be implementation. The Scheme will be managed by Dougie Paine (Deputy Grand Almoner) and the key holders at the three sites will be Paul Durrant (East), Dougie Paine (Central) and Jamie Gwatkin (West).